About us, mission and vision


like you are staying with family or friends.

Work, family, friends, hobbies and sports. Full agendas, increasingly longer to-do lists and the daily worries. We live in a time when it seems like we have to be ‘on’ 24/7 and we tend to live in a rush. But let’s be honest: how much longer do you want to keep up the rat race against the clock? It’s time to recharge!

We, Mikel and Cynthia van der Sommen, and since May 2017 we can call casa rural Chapinheira home. Since our teenage years we have always had the dream to leave the Netherlands, to build a life in another country. When we were ready to leave the rat race in the Netherlands behind us and take the plunge, we chose Portugal.

We not only opted Portugal for the wonderful climate, but also for its beautiful scenery, tranquility, space and the blessed food.

The warmth and hospitality of the Portuguese amazes us every time. We would like to convey this feeling of being welcome to our guests and make you feel like you are staying with family or friends.

We want to make you feel completely at home and give you a sincere feeling that you can be yourself when staying with us.

We want to be an essential part of the experience of our guests. We know where to find the interesting places and what the unexpected items are that gives you the unique experience in our area.

Casa rural Chapinheira is the place where you reconnect: with yourself, your family/friends and nature. We want you to get back in touch with that relaxed feeling that makes you live.

” Relax, refresh and recharge “

After an extensive renovation, we want our guests to experience the real Portugeese village life and let you enjoy all the beauty that Portugal has to offer.


biological, ecological and sustainable.

We feel that we have a social exemplary function and we think it is important to leave something more beautiful behind for the next generations. That is why Casa rural Chapinheira has had the objective since 2019 to combine the best service and the most beautiful product with socially responsible and sustainable business.

We are making an extra effort to protect the environment and the climate. We have made improvements to ensure that both we, and you as our guest, are “greener”. For instance environmental management, reduce its energy and water consumption, use environmentally friendly cleaning products, promote organic products and avoid chemical herbicides.

When you choose to stay at Casa rural Chapinheira, you help to protect the environment.

Bem vindos!